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Meet the Team Behind the Service

Mohammed Osman

From coding at a young age to leading teams across diverse industries, Mohammed Osman’s vast experience gives him a unique eye for detail. His background ensures that he understands what employers look for, helping you present a CV that truly showcases your strengths and resonates with potential employers.

Alamin Hussein

Alamin Hussein, an Analytics Consultant with a rich background in the TMT industry, brings a blend of technical mastery and business strategy to the table. With a standout education and years of hands-on experience, he knows the nuances of what top-tier employers seek. Leveraging his deep understanding of data and business analytics, he’ll ensure your CV resonates with precision and impact.

Mohsin Elnima

Dr. Mohsin Elnima is an Emergency and Intensive Care doctor who loves to teach and help others learn about health. He writes books to share important health information with everyone. Dr. Elnima teaches at the Southern Medical University and is part of a group that helps doctors do their jobs better. He lives and works in a place full of people who care about health, and he’s dedicated to making healthcare better and easier to understand for everyone.