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CV Writing & Rewriting Service

Have experts craft a CV that showcases your best self.

Elevate your CV to be among the top picks for recruiters.

Not just feedback, but a fully polished CV ready for the job market.

Your brand-new CV, delivered in just 4 days.

Comprehensive service at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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Cover Letter Service

Discover how to tailor your cover letter to showcase your unique strengths.

Receive specific, easy-to-follow suggestions for elevating your letter’s impact.

Approach job openings with a cover letter that sets you apart.

Get comprehensive assistance within your rewritten CV timeline

Affordable pricing for a significant step towards your career goals.


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      Submit Your CV or Details

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      Our Experts Get to Work

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      Receive Your Polished CV

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      Request feedback and updates if needed

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Comprehensive Services For Doctors and Professionals

Why Amazing CV?

Our Service Is Special!

Amazing CV combines deep domain expertise with advanced AI technology to create standout CVs for professionals and doctors. Our approach merges personalized insights with precision analytics, ensuring your CV not only reflects your unique achievements but also resonates with industry expectations. Elevate your career with a CV that blends professional wisdom and technological innovation at Amazing CV.

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Meet the Team Behind the Service

Mohammed Osman

From coding at a young age to leading teams across diverse industries, Mohammed Osman’s vast experience gives him a unique eye for detail. His background ensures that he understands what employers look for, helping you present a CV that truly showcases your strengths and resonates with potential employers.

Alamin Hussein

Alamin Hussein, an Analytics Consultant with a rich background in the TMT industry, brings a blend of technical mastery and business strategy to the table. With a standout education and years of hands-on experience, he knows the nuances of what top-tier employers seek. Leveraging his deep understanding of data and business analytics, he’ll ensure your CV resonates with precision and impact.

Mohsin Elnima

Dr. Mohsin Elnima is an Emergency and Intensive Care doctor who loves to teach and help others learn about health. He always writes to share important health information with everyone. Dr. Elnima is a University teacher as well and is part of a group that helps doctors do their jobs better. He lives and works in a place full of people who care about health, and he’s dedicated to making healthcare better and easier to understand for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

We accept payments through Bankk via the Bank of Khartoum, debit card and Paypal.

Absolutely! Our CVs are optimized to sail through Applicant Tracking Systems, ensuring that your skills and experiences get the spotlight they deserve.

Our core service revolves around revamping existing CVs. We encourage you to provide all necessary details, no matter how unstructured. Your job is to give us the raw materials, and ours is to craft a polished, compelling CV. Stay tuned, as we’re excited to introduce a service soon that allows direct consultation with our CV experts!

We value your time, ensuring a maximum processing period of 4 days. Need it faster? Choose the accelerated option and get it within 24 hours.

Not at all! Our expertise lies in transforming cluttered information into a clear, concise, and compelling CV. Just provide all relevant details, and leave the magic to us.

No worries! Our goal is to add value and enhance your CV to its fullest potential. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re committed to providing a service that exceeds expectations.